Is radeon 4890 still strong for upcoming games?

Hello,i just want to know that is 4890 still has life this year for upcoming games.I want to upgrade my pc but i dont feel like upgrading my graphic card coz 5870 is quite expensive and even if i sell my 4890 i cant buy more powerful graphic card for less price
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  1. I would of thought games in a year will still be DX9/10 compatible so you should be able to play them, and as a HD4890 is quite a powerful card it should play them well.
  2. Well glad to know i can still game with my 4890 and what about processor actually you all would be surprised at what configuration my 4890 is installed.
    my specs are funny and very old
    Intel Core 2 duo E4300(1.8ghz) cant overclock restricted bios(COMPAQ)
    2GB Ram(Wanted 4gb but my motherboard supports max 2)
    Sapphire Radeon 4890 at stock
    My motherboard is Intel 945g(Which has only 1 Pci-e and its not pci-e 2.0 barely managed to fit my graphic card)
    and my monitor is max at 1440x900(ViewSonic)

    This is my great ancient gaming pc but i can still play todays latest games at max like crysis,GTA IV,Dragon Age,Just Cause 2 and i have no lags believe me.
  3. There is certainly no point in you upgrading your graphics card as your CPU is already bottlenecking your current graphics card.
  4. wow yess, at 1.8 ghz your probably only get a fraction of a 4890 potential let alone anything higher, if you are going to upgrade it would have to be your cpu mobo and ram before you think about a gfx card
  5. Yea i am about to change my motherboard,ram and processor but i dont know if i should go for amd build or intel build i dont want core i7 its too expensive i am thinking between i5 750 or phenom II x4 965. Actually i am worried about crossfire if i take core i5 the motherboard supports 8x crossfire but if i take amd motherboard i can have crossfire at 16x both lanes. But as i saw peoples reviews and performance i think its better to go with i5 750 right any help for upgrade tips i already have 600 W power supply so no problem for that
  6. I really don't think it matters between a core i5 750 and a phenom II x4 965 as there pretty much the same price/performance.

    As for 8x/8x VS 16x/16x that would only matter if you where going for a dual GPU card like a 4870x2 or GTX295, or maybe a GTX480/HD5870, however the performance loss would be very small (1-2%)
  7. Yea exactly even i other forums i asked they said the same thing about crossfire and i think i5 750 is good for gaming right i mean more FPS even if its +5 so i go with asus p55 motherboard,core i5 750 and corsair 4gb ddr3 1333mhz no problem right and for future proof i wanted to add one more 4890 but i think crossfire has lot of driver issues at present so i wont bother with crossfire until good driver come especially from ati. Just one more question its about multi-threading i heard core i5 does not have that will it affect game performance i just always game on my pc no need for multi tasking.
  8. Oh yea i almost forgot will core i5 bottleneck my 4890 coz i dont want to upgrade my cpu every 3 or 4 months
  9. Thanx for the quick reply i go with the i5 then and i wont buy a graphic card till another year or two its alright i can play games right.
  10. Well i am actually in india so here the prices of both i5 and phenom II 965 both are almost equal just a few bucks difference. I personally never tried amd does it perform well in gaming?
  11. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend an OC'd i3 for a single videocard gaming platform, but thats just the cheap-ass tweaker in me talking.
  12. Well good choices hm..... well i am willing to try amd for first time but i dont want any bad experience with it like over heating or crashing,bottlenecking. And what company is good for amd motherboards i am planning to get 790fx if i go for amd phenom II 955 will it be MSI,GIGABYTE?.I dont think asus is good for price/performance motherboard its expensive than msi and gigabyte
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