Help installing haf 932 with rampage 3 extreme

hello i have the haf 932 case and the rampage 3 extreme motherboard i cant figure out where on the motherboard to put the 2 usb cables from the case or the hd audio cable. please help! lol thanks
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  1. The connections should be at the bottome of the board (below the GPU, above the PSU). There's a series of pins there that you plug everything into. You really should read the board's manual. It will tell you where everything is.
  2. it still wont work is it possible there is only 1 usb spot on this mother board my haf 932 case has 2 usb.
  3. It should have support for two case USB ports. Did you plug them both in?
  4. the case has 4 usb. 2 usb cords 2 usb per cord. i cant find a second usb spot on the motherboard im thinking the is only 1 usb spot
  5. Ah. I was thinking you meant you had one USB port working...

    The board only supports up to two USB ports (one cord).
  6. ok and there is no way around this an adapter or somthing?
  7. I believe there are expansion cards you can put in that will use this (like this card), but to be honest, I've never used them so I can't speak to how well they work.
  8. i have a total of 3 usb cords 6 usb. the card you listed would work great but it only has 1 spot i need 2. the 1 on the motherboard and 2 more i cant find any cards with 2 so unless you know of one i guess im out of luck. thanks for all the help :)
  9. That one has two internal headers. If I'm not mistaken, the case has a total of 4 USB ports (and some others). Each header can support two USB ports, so with the motherboard, you should have support for a total of 6 ports, which is more than the case has.
  10. yes the case has 4 usb and i have an all in one media reader with 2 usb.
    the card you listed has images and i can only see 1 header if it has two it is exactly what i need but i only see 1
  11. I only saw one too, but the specs listed two. Again, the add on cards are getting out of my expertise, so there might only be one or there might be two...
  12. thanks again for all the help
  13. i still have had no luck please help
  14. Did you plug in the supplied pci expansion card for the usb? blue plug?
    I found this as well, clearly points out your usb headers

  15. i have the coolermaster haf 932 case it has 4 usb ports with two 9 pin usb cords 2 port per cord i have a rosewill card reader it has 2 usb ports with one 9 pin usb cord the rampage 3 motherboard has only one 9 pin usb header i need 2 more 9 pin usb headers.
  16. Ok, I'm seeing two usb headers on the picture above, Personally I would plug the card reader into one of those and decide which of the two usb's on the case I didnt need as much, and plug in the one that I would want more.
    One case usb
    Card reader
    One case usb,not plugged in
    I cant see any other way around the problem sorry man
  17. thanks the motherboard in the pic is not the same motherboard i have. i have the rampage 3 extreme and it only has 1 usb header. please anyone help
  18. ^ I do apologise for that man, looking more clearly now, I see it says Rampage II on the mobo, hope you get sorted though,
  19. its all good thanks for your help.
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    Hi there,

    Your solutions is to buy a NZXT INTERNAL USB EXPANSION (IU01) Kit.

    I've recently bought a Rampage III Extreme and a Cooler Master 932 HAF, it was a bit late to realise that there were only 1 USB connector on the motherboard and two connectors for the case.

    Did some research on the internet and found the NZXT INTERNAL USB EXPANSION (IU01) product.

    It's basically an extension board, which allows you to plug in 3 USB 2.0 connectors and 2 USB ports and one single USB connector that plugs to your motherboard's front panel USB connector.

    Have a look on the internet and you'll see what I mean, there are all the required parts in the kit and works like a charm.

    Currenlt running a Rampage 3 Extreme with a 932 HAF casing and having all my front panel ports connected and working.


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