What is the most powerful lga 775 socket processor?


Seen as it's the end of the line for the good old LGA775 scoket, I was wondering what is considered the most powerful processor to sit on it? (And also is it worth upgrading my old Q6600 to it to try and get as much life from the machine as possible?)

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  1. Not at all. The fastest 775 cpu is i believe the Q9700 extreme edition, but the real best ones now are Q9650 or Q9550S. But that doesnt matter at all since they are terribly overpriced, have no upgrade path, and you wont see much of a difference over the Q6600 if its oc'ed.


    There was a comparison of a $100 AMD cpu vs your CPU. Shows how much tech has progressed, eh? Now, what id recommend doing is buying the X4 955/965, a new AM3 8xx mobo, and new DDR3 RAM, according to your budget of course, but it saves you money in the long run.
  2. Uhm, hes running a Q6600...so he can obviously take that C2Q's... :lol:
  3. That's a brilliant website, thanks for the info
  4. I LOVE anandtech, compare any CPU, GPU, or SSD you want, as well as get all the new info and reviews. They even show minimum FPS, which is a lot more important than average.
  5. Maybe the answer for me is the same, but I don't know enough to know not to ask this similar question. I have an E6600 processor, not the Q6600. I have been experiencing a bit of what I think is an overheating issue as my computer will beep loudly once in awhile when I'm playing games. I figured it is my processor overheating. I would possibly like to upgrade my processor. My motherboard is an

    EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

    I was thinking I would just put in a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Heatsink and call it good, but would there be any value in upgrading my processor as well? Is there any reasonably inexpensive option? Or am I better off waiting and buying a new computer with a new motherboard that has a different socket? Should I put any more money into my current setup?

    Thank you all very graciously for your input! And please let me know what would be the most economical option for my motherboard!
  6. Well, assuming your board supports it, the most powerful is the QX9770, which is a 45nm Core 2 Quad Extreme at 3.2 GHz with a 1600MHz FSB.

    It's probably going to be expensive though, even if you do find one in stock someplace. Something like a Q9550 would be a better choice if you wanted to upgrade your processor alone (and if your board supports yorkfield). Oh, and a Q9550 or 9650 would be a significant upgrade from an E6600, but not enough from a Q6600.
  7. Yeah, the QX9770 cost $1000+ in its day, and intel hasnt done anything to lower prices on 775, so i doubt you can find it for very low. Very rare too. And yes, just like i7 920 is a WAY better buy than a i7 975, the Q9550/9650 would be a WAY better buy than the QX9770. In any event, id do nothing. Its very hard to find a Q9550 or equivalent below $250, and even harder below $200. Considering you can nab a i7, i5, or X4 965 that will beat it, or tie it and cost way less, I think thats they way to go. AM3 even has an upgrade path if that matters. Just OC the Q6600 until then.
  8. So basically what I am hearing is, the current processors that would be the best value for the performance are the new i5 and i7 processors which won't fit in my current motherboard socket of 775 and if I wanted to upgrade my processor for the 775 socket, it would be rather expensive or not much of a boost in performance. Right?

    Also, I'm not quite sure I follow what you mean about the AM3 thing...I am basically looking at two options:

    A.) Stick with what I have and make the most of it for a year or more until I get a new computer


    B.) Buy a new processor for my current motherboard if it isn't too expensive for the performance upgrade I would be getting so the machine will last me longer.

  9. Ok, so the sockets are AM3, 1156, and 1366. 1156 has no real upgrade path, as no new cpus are coming out on it, and it is replaced by 1155 soon. That means you have to shell out an extra $200+ for a mobo. 1366 has a decent upgrade path. If you get an i7 930, you can always wait till the 980x falls in price. However this wont be for likely a year or so, and they way intel dropped (or didnt) the prices on 775, i dont think its price will go down enough to make it a viable upgrade. Then we come to AM3. The next line of CPU's from AMD will be on both AM3 and AM3+. That means if you bought say, an x4 955 now, you could wait 6 months-1 year, and get a new CPU, WITHOUT having to pay $200+ on a new mobo. Its just a nice thing to remember.
  10. Haha, well heres how i view it. Intel has a lot more bang. AMD has a lot more bang for buck. However, this will sound wierd as they are all evil corporations out for profit, but AMD is easier to deal with. Intel has been changing sockets like socks lately. None have been backwards compatible. AMD on the other hand has had 2 or 3 sockets, and all have been backwards compatible, forwards compatible, even sideways! :lol: If intel did that, and had more value CPU's, not cheap, but they only have very few cpus that are worth it, the i5 750 being 1, then they would be great. Until then...well, I buy what fits me, and its been AMD lately. Normal tasks cant even tell the difference. I have an OC'ed X4 955 @ 4.0 GHz and i couldnt tell it apart from a 980x in normal things. Just food for thought if the super expensive CPU's are worth it for the extra 2 fps you cant detect, the 20 seconds less it takes to download something, or the .02 miliseconds less it takes to open a document.
  11. I think your post means you voted for option A?
  12. So looking at Amazon / Newegg, the Q9550 is around $280 which is money I should / could be putting into a new computer. I think I will just buy my 30 dollar upgraded heatsink and hope my beeping goes away. Then, start saving for a new computer.

    P.S. Can anyone tell me if the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus heatsink fit in an Antec P180 case?

    Thanks everyone for your input!
  13. Yeah it should. Measure if you arent certain. What price are you getting the 212 for?
  14. For ram I only have 2 gigs and on the videocard I just recently upgraded so it has 512mb instead of my previous 320mb. I upgraded it to an 8800 GTS because I thought my videocard had possibly gone bad, but it was my monitor.

    The Cooler master hyper 212 is listed around 25-30 dollars.

    I'm playing Starcraft 2 at the moment like a lot of other people and I'm OK with the performance I'm getting out of my computer, but it would be nice if it loaded faster and didn't bottleneck / slow down momentarily once in awhile. Once the game loads and is going for a minute though, it is fine.
  15. lol this whole time you only had an 8800gts and you were worrying about upgrading the cpu?
    read through toms building a balanced pc article, it proves for a mid-high range single card graphic card most cpus will reach a target fps - like ares said you can get a 980x but that vs a lower tier cpu is going to be frames you cannot detect

    let me put it this way: if you upgrade the cpu any game which is not already playable/smooth is not going to become any more playable or smooth with that 8800gts
  16. Maybe you didn't notice my screen name, but thank you for your answer anyways. I should have included all of the specs up front.
  17. no worries bro, good thing you got the right advice before you wasted any of your precious cash

    and ps i have a q6600 as well oc to 3ghz by just putting a piece of tape on it lol its a sick processor dont worry about it
    this is in an OEM system with a shitty g33 motherboard too with stock fan
  18. there is two if you want to stuck with C2Q the most powerful 2quad cpu is Q9650 3.0 GHZ 12 MB cache
    or the most powerful core 2 cpu than ever is core 2 extreme quad core QX9775 12 MB L2 3.2 GHz
  19. This not a answer but I got. Dule core e7500 2.93 cpu {lga 775 soket 3mb } in my hp sff 6000 pro is it possble that I upgrade it to quadcore with out bio updates and that stuff I no lga 77d is old and all that ???
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