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Is there any reason why I should not buy these:

Hard Drive x 2

I know the Caviar Black hard drives are better and a little faster, but I am saving $60 on the Caviar Blue hard drives. I plan on using them in a Raid 1 for redundant storage to compliment my SSD. My current 1333 RAM is from a previous build and this 1600 RAM would be my upgrade since they finally went on sale for $20 off. Both items also have free shipping if anyone else is intrested. Both items seem like good deals.
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  1. True, I was planning on getting a Caviar Black for the 5 year warranty. But is 5 years really worth an extra $60 bucks?
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    RAM looks good. CAS is low which is good. The only issue I would have is the HDD only has a 2 year warranty. I look for at least 3 years, it's paid for itself with my WD green I just replaced.
  3. There are a lot of factors. Important data and how good are your backups. Down time issues. What does a failure after two years and one day cost. It comes down to good deal vs. expected reliability.
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