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What is currently the best Graphics card for under $200? Because I entered price into the equation, I am assuming it will be an ATI card.
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  1. And to add to this, what is the cheapest card that will run Crysis on very high across the board, 1080P and all?
  2. Cheapest 1080p crysis card? HD5870, without AA.

    Best card under $200? HD5770 ASUS CuCore edition, or MSI HAWK edition. Overclock either one of them to reach nice performance levels.
  3. I agree with the above suggestions:

    Best card UNDER $200 is the ATI 5770 ($150 to $190 by brand)

    Close to $200 is the ATI 5830

    Cheapest 1080p Crysis "Very High" card is the ATI 5870 @ $389

    Crysis "Very High" Benchmarks with recent GPU's:
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