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I bought a cheap Colorful (brand) GTS 250 card. Fan is loud as a jet engine and doesn't change RPM.
I'm inclined to fit some kind of resistor or similar (I've seen picture of these thin voltage reducing cables) to it.
The fan has only 2 cables, and attached to the board in a 2pin connection in a 2pin socket. Next to this socket there's a 4pin socket, unused.
The photo below show's what it looks like.
Please advise...SHould I just fit one of those resistor cables, or is there another better solution?

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  1. You should be able to modify the fan speed through the nVidia driver settings. Many OverClocking programs will also allow you to do this.

    You can also try updating to a newer nVidia GeForce driver and see if that changes things. Fan speeds are controlled via the GPU drivers.

    You could also use RivaTuner or nTune to accomplish the same thing.
  2. Hi,
    I cannot find any settings in the Nvidia driver to do so. Using SPeedfan or EVGA Precision gives me the same result, no change in Fan speed.
    This makes me think that since it has a 2 pin cable only (NOT a 3-pin) it cannot regulate the fan itself, and that using something to regulate the current is the only way for me.
  3. Searching through Google comes up with lots of forum threads on this issue all over the net. Apparently this is a GTS 250 issue. No fun! :( I can't help you on the voltage regulation end of things. I don't like messing with that stuff. :)

    You could also look into aftermarket cooling systems, and see if there's a more efficient, yet quieter cooling fan for it.
  4. I think I've resolved it by connecting it to a PSU modulex in a manner escribed elsewhere on the web. I tried the +5v setup and it seems to work great.
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