I'm using XP Pro. I have ATI Rage128 graphics card (with new drivers) and Netgear NIC card (Netgear says that the drivers that came with XP are current.). No sound card, modem, or anything else.
My IRQs are fine.
XP freezes with while NO programs are open and with ANY program open. There are times when I'll be on for hours and have no problems. There are also time when it will freeze 8 times an hour. There isn't a pattern, nor any particular program or function that cause it to freeze any more than anything else. Again, it will freeze right after boot-up, prior to any programs. (No programs are being started with windows.) I've even had the computer do nothing for a hour, right after boot-up, to see if it would freeze. I did. Several times.
Also, why doesn't XP have a scandisk or something equivalent?

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  1. First of all, XP does have a scandisk (same as before, Properties of the drive you want to scan on the "tools" tab) It makes you schedule it and then it runs the next time you reboot. You probably want to try the scandisk, and maybe even a harddrive fitness test from your HD manufacturer. Right off the top of my head that is what I would suggest. Maybe turn off System restore too.
  2. Did the scandisk and checked the HD. No problems. Also turned off the system restore. Still freezes.

    Anything else anyone can think of? Is this not happening to anyone else?
  3. I posted a note the other day about XP hanging on boot. Maybe you are experiancing the same problem. After trying LOTS of things, I finally reformated my Hard Drive to FAT-32 and my system is now solid as a rock. ( I had NTFS ) So far no one can explain why but I did find that with FAT-32 my system is a little faster.
  4. I really don't want to give up the security of NTFS. (There are multiple users on this computer.) But I might end up having to do that if there is not other option.
  5. I agree and your problem is not exactly like mine was but I thought you might like to give it a try. again I have asked a lot of "experts" and no one can give me an answer as why.
  6. Well I am feeling somewhat a similar problem, but instaed of it freezing and me having to hit ctrl+alt+del the system just reboots without any warning, notice, signs, nothing! I lost my essay due to this :( And btw, I'm using FAT32 and this is happening
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