How to play crysis 2 on windows 8 without graphics card

Ok So My Pc requirements are Intel Pentium With 2 gb Ram And Os Windows 8 Pro 9200 Build So I am just asking you because i want to buy crysis 2 and i want to share this = I Can Play Any Game Without Graphics Card But Only IN WiNdOWs 8 Pro But List Are As Follows
2.Nfs Most Wanted 2012
3.Nfs Shift
4.Call Of Duty 4/5/6/7
5.Battle Field 2 Bad Company
6.Cars 2
7.Tmnt 1 And Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
But My Friends Dont Have Graphics Card So I Am Asking You About Crysis 2
And One Problem One Of my friends pc nfs 2012 shows black screen after preview of game and then games show black screen
i Am Beeging You Please Help Me :hello: Thank You :pt1cable:
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  1. IF you don't have a graphics card you won't be able to run them.
  2. seeming how tis is a new account, and your one of the first noobs that actually did not double post. Your post makes no sense what_so+ever. If you can read between the lines of what I'm meaning by double post and your BS?. that's all I have to say about that(-_-)
  3. Pentium with Windows 8 is not a good idea. Especially with only 2gb of ram. Windows hogs a lot of RAM. Pentium would not be good enough for any of those games, maybe CARS. You most definetely will need a graphics card for any of those games, maybe not cars.
    There is no point for getting Crysis 2. Your system will not be able to handle it at all.
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