CPU cooler for troubleshooting?

So I have an i7 860 system that I'm troubleshooting, my thoughts are that my PSU died and damaged my mobo. So now I'm trying a new one. No visible damage to CPU but I have yet to put it in anything else.

I'm just doing a test boot to see if the CPU is fried as well. Or if the mobo was even the problem (replaced PSU obviously). Do I need to reapply a heatsink with thermal paste?

I won't be putting it under any kind of load, just a simple boot into the BIOS. I'd rather not waste thermal paste when the CPU itself may very well be dead. However if it's still good I don't want to risk frying it just to troubleshoot.

Hopefully I'll get quick answer here, sorry if this a stupid question but I want reassurance before I power on.
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  1. If the stock cooler is mounted properly then there is no need to.
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