XFX Ati 5830 or GTX260 ???

Hello,sorry a noob on here , have read forums but need a straight answer lol.
I've been offered a new 5830 £90 or a second hand GTX260 £70.
At present i'm running Q6600 3.0 GHZ , 4 Gig ddr2 800mhz running @ 998mhz ,BFG 8800GT 675-950 .
I play all the latest games 1650*1050 .
I know the rig is getting dated but hoping a new card will give me another year .
Will i see a big difference with these other cards ? Is there a decent driver or flash to 5870 for the 5830 ? i am on a budget so cannot afford 5850 (would be nice) can you tell how much gain a 5830 would give over a 8800GT ? and will my prosecssor be good enough ??
Thank you Thor
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  1. Yes, grab the HD5830. It's better than the GTX260, and should max games at your resolution just fine.
  2. The GTX 260 compares to the ATI 5770 performance wise. The ATI 5830 is definitely the better of the two cards you've been offered. Both will provide a substantial improvement over your 8800GT. :) At your resolution, both will play games very well.

    Overall, the ATI 5830 is the best of the two.
  3. Thank you for your replies i think £90 is a great price and just hope they bring out some better drivers ...
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