Hdd to ssd windows 7 transfer, please help!

So i built a computer in may and put my windows 7 (cd) on an hdd. With windows 8 coming out, i want to delete all my data (i feel like a fresh start), put windows 7 on my recently bought intel SSD, and then upgrade 7 to 8 on the ssd, and use my HDD to hold files and some larger games that i play less often.

I've got this thought that i could just put in the ssd, go into the my bios, put the ssd first and hdd second, put the windows cd in, delete my partition, make a new partition for the sdd and hdd, and then would windows be on my ssd?
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  1. To answer your question, yes. You would be deleting all partitions on your SSD and HDD and starting fresh, you would save no data.

    The better way to do this would be to pull all of your personal files, movies, music, etc. off of the HDD and onto an external. That way you can completely wipe the HDD and not have any remenants of win7 on it. Then when you want to install windows 7 and upgrade to 8, only attach the SSD. Do the windows 7 and 8 upgrade without the HDD attached.

    After you have installed the operating sys then attach the HDD and move you files back and install the games and other apps you want.
  2. I'm looking to do the same thing, do i need to install win7 on both the hdd and ssd since i just want the ssd for gaming and the hdd for storage of other software like anti virus/drivers/bittorrents/burning software and such?
  3. It's best just to do a clean install with just the SSD attached.
  4. So theres no need to install win7 on the other hdd even tho ill be installing programs on it?
  5. So just to make sure, my windows cd will work on the ssd if i wipe the hdd, meaning it has more than one use? Also, if i have absolutely nothing of any value to me (other than games which can just be re downloaded through steam) could i just wipe the hdd and not worry about it? I've been getting very few freezes and a blue screen (it just tells me to restart my computer) recently so i wanted to clear out everything i've done with a fresh new computer feeling.
  6. Yes the CD is not what has limited uses. The Activation Key is what could give you trouble if you have already installed it on another computer. But even then if you call the licensing number at microsoft you can get them to reset your Key and you will be able to use it again.

    And yes if you have nothing you care about on the HDD of course you can wipe it.
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