Graphic driver stopping in games

I have Radeon HD 5770 XFX XXX edition. When ever I play games, the graphic driver seems to stop responding. After a minute or so, it recovers. This happens every 5 minutes. However, it only seems that driver stops only on games. Please help. Thank you for your help.
My specs:
cpu: AMD phenom ii x4 over clocked to 3.7
mobo: MSI 790fx gd70
gpu:Radeon HD 5770 XFX XXX edition
hdd: raid0 two 1.5 TB western digital
ram: corsair dominator 2gb x2 1600
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  1. What about your PSU? brand? model?

    What driver are you using right now?
    have you try upgrade it to the latest one?
  2. Yes, I have the latest driver from ATI. I have kingwin lazer 850watt psu.
  3. Then try the older driver...
    Like the one which came with the card inside CD...
    Sometime, the latest driver is not always the best...
  4. I tried almost all the drivers that are available, but they still spontaneously stop.
  5. You already attached the 6pin power connector, right?
  6. of course I did. It's on of the first step in the gpu instruction booklet.
  7. hmm, i can't think anything that might help...
    Have another computer with decent PSU?
    So you can try your card there to make sure whether the card is broke or not...

    If that's not make any changes then RMA your card...
  8. Have you try:
    disable/enable A.I.,down clock to stock CPU,( BFBC2-problem;download-run profile file),raise min.GPU clock ?
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