Help with choosing the right motherboard LGA775 socket

hi, just a quick question about LGA775 socket motherboard.

I need to buy a new one, as the old one (P5E3) is having issues, but don't want to change the socket, as my CPU is Q9650 and is sufficient.

So the only requirements are LGA socket 775, DDR3 support in 4 slots, price around 80 EUR/ 70 GBP and brand 99% asus, but would consider Gigabyte too.

so far I found this: ASUS P5P43TD/USB3 (90-MIBA25-G0EAY0GZ)

it retails for 77 EUR new.

This is my choice at the moment, so wanted to ask if there's anything better out there that you'd recommend instead.

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  1. That Asus board is good here is a Gigabyte option
  2. not really an option, I want 4 RAM slots, that one has only got 2.
  3. The Asus you linked to is the best I have seen the are some p41 Asus boards on ebuyer as well but no p43 boards.
  4. so basically, I won't make a mistake if I buy that one, right?

    thanks for advice so far
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