650w PSU enough for 460 SLI

Hey guys,

My new Corsair HX850 won't fit into my new sff case, so I am returning it and already ordered a smaller 650w version. My concern now is whether or not this power supply will power my pair of GTX 460's. They are factory overclocked, the SC version from evga, but I won't have any other pci components and I don't plan on overclocking my i7 920. If I do overclock the cpu it won't be very much.
I have heard that I need at least 750, but the corsair is too large at that wattage to fit into my case. I have also heard I will be fine with 650 since it is an efficient and well made psu.

What do you all think? Should I refuse delivery and get a different psu or should I be okay with this one?
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    hello avalanche0316;

    I'm sure you'll be fine with the Corsair 650W PSU.
    There are quite a few 650W PSUs on the GTX 460 SLI Certified PSU list @ SLIzone
    The Corsair isn't on that list - but it should be. It's a great PSU and you'll be in good shape.

    What kind of cooling does your SFF case have?
  2. Thanks for the good news!
    The video cards are external exhaust and I am using the Corsair h50 for the cpu, but I am going against corsairs recommendation and using it to exhaust hot air as I have an intake right by the cpu area already.
    I am using a langear Da Box 100 which has great airflow from what I have read.
  3. You're right. A real SFF gaming case. Ventilation options look good. Langear Da Box 100 review

    That orange PSU label in the glamor shot looks like a Corsair 750TX to me.
  4. Yeah I noticed that the TX models are slightly smaller than the HX. It is a give and take though because the HX's modularity can definitely ease some headaches when it comes to wire management.
  5. Good point.
    You'll have enough power for your GTX 460 SLI and still have enough to put that Corsair H50 to good use with some CPU overclocking.

    Can you set up the H50 fan to PUSH through the radiator and use that Ximatek exhaust fan as PULL? That would seem to be idea.
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