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A friend of mine gave me a Cooler Master Centurion 5 case that he didn't want anymore. However, it is missing both side panels. It used to belong to his sister and he did a custom paint job on both side panels of her favorite band. When she got a new computer she kept the side panels. I plan to eventually build a new pc and would like to use the case (one less piece to buy).

I have looked at Cooler Master's online store, ebay and craigslist and can not find any replacements. Cooler Master does have a windowed left side panel, but if I bought that I would still be missing the right side panel. I emailed Cooler Master to ask if they carry replacements in stock, but I have not received any response. I would consider using the case without the panels, but I have dogs and need something to keep the dog hair out as much as possible. Other than the missing panels, the case is in great condition.

Does anyone know of any alternatives I could use for the panels? I would hate to buy a new case when I have a free one sitting here.
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  1. -- You could try a local computer repair shop - they may have the panel(s) you need, or panels you (or they) could modify to fit.
    -- The big box hardware stores have acrylic panels you could cut (or have them cut) to your case dimensions.
    -- If you have a sheet metal shop in town, they could make the side panels.
    -- Most any hardware store for the screws you'll need to attach the panels.
    -- You could get the windowed side from CM and get the other from one of the other places. Then you'll have to do some good cable management :) or all your friends will see the bird's nest of wires :non: - oh, and the big box hardware stores have nylon cable ties in the electrical dept., fairly cheap, and in various sizes and colors.)
  2. There's a chance the left/right side panels are interchangeable. Quite a few CM cases are that made that way. You just have to flip one of the panels upside down to install on the opposite side. So if you bought two from the CM store, the only "problem" would be that you will have two windowed sides. You might find it worth a try.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I will see if I can find any repair shops (will probably have to drive an hour from where I live to find any decent ones) and I will also try contacting CM and see if they can answer the question if the panels can be turned upside down and fit on the opposite side. I have both big box hardware stores nearby also, so I will check out if they have acrylic that can be cut for use as panels. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Yep that definitely qualifies as a dilemma seeing as you can get the windowed panel for $5 plus shipping.
    And where's his sister since it sounds like she re-used the side panels so she has a good unpainted panel somewhere that i'll assume would fit.
  5. I don't have any idea where his sister is, I don't even know her. I know him because he works at the auto shop where I take my car. Plus his sister kept both panels because he painted both of them. Anyway, I did see the windowed panel and I will check with CM if I can flip another one over upside down to use for the right side panel, thanks to obsolete99's suggestion. It may look a little funky, but I am not showing the computer off to anyone.
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