Can the OS from 2 5 Hitachi drive be copied to a 40GB SSD crucail drive

I have a new Lenovo laptop that has a 500GB Hitachi HDD in it. I want to copy over the OS from this drive to a crucial 40GB Drive to us it for booting purposes only. Can this be done.

I tried doing it with a Logicube Super Sonic but could not do it.
Please advise me. Will this hurt my SSD

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  1. The only 40GB SSDs that I know of, let alone from Crucial, are intended for use as a caching drive, not a boot drive. You might be able to copy the file system over, but that might be problematic, at best. The problems involved are that your SSD is very small and software that copies file systems between drives can't copy only the OS, they try to copy either the entire partition or all written data within that partition. You would probably need to re-install Windows if you want to use the Crucial drive as a boot drive anyway.
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