Thought old CPU didn't work, bought new one, same error.

hey everyone!

Ok, here's my problem, got the crosshair version 1. HAD the AMD dual core 6000+ and the back LCD kept on saying CPU INIT. The computer would not boot, it starts with all the fans, but CPU INIT is displayed, and my computer screen says it doesn't receive any digital or analogue input.

I thought my CPU died. So I bought a Phenom triple core. An AM2+, the Asus website says the Crosshair is compatible with AM2 and AM2+.

Same problem.

So I left only the motherboard and CPU connected and gave power, nothing... same thing.

What's up?
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  1. Well, I'm a bit tired so I'll try to help tomorrow. But in the meantime, if any of these threads help, let me know:

    Obvious the problem is not your CPU so it could have something to do with the motherboard. Maybe try resetting the bios or try all your components in another motherboard. Did you plug in all the power cables, including the one for the CPU?
  2. From Asus Crosshair manual:

    CPU INIT CPU Initiation

    I am guessing its unable to get the CPU to initialize.

    Thats your CPU support list. I see a AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ listed as supported as well as any of the first generation Phenom series (not the Phenom II series). It also does support Athlon II X2s but not the Athlon II X3s or X4s.

    What specific Phenom did you get? Also, try what Enzo said and as well clear the CMOS. As well if you have a lower end AMD CPU, try to put it in and update the BIOS.
  3. Alright Enzo Matrix, you KINDA helped. Your first link, the last person that has a problem with his monitor, that's the EXACT problem I have. My AMD 6000+ worked perfectly for 2.5 years, but all of a sudden it got to how it is now. Boots up, everything is ok, but monitor says "No DIGITAL or ANALOGUE input", and the LCD on the back of the Motherboard says CPU INIT the whole time.

    THAT'S why I got the new CPU I got now, cause I thought it was that. Same thing. Tryied a different video card, same ***, tried a different monitor, same crap, tried to bribe it, still nothing.
  4. your up for a new motherboard. Although, I guess it could be a PSU issue , not delivering enough power to get the CPU started.
  5. I've pretty much done all the tricks, bought a new BIOS battery, left the CMOS clear switch on for 2 hours, rebuilt the PC from scratch.

    I don't know why there wouldn't be enough power though from my PSU, it's a 1000W. BUT, I've noticed these past 2 days that once the MAIN POWER SUPPLY is plugged on the motherboard, the lights all go on, but I can't power the PC for some reason... So what I have to do is press hard on the plug on the motherboard, and then the fans start spinning.

    You think I just need to change that cable?

    I think it'd be pretty random that all of a sudden the computer would stop working on its own like that after 2 years, cause I've never played with the inside after it was built.
  6. Alright... a bit more amelioration.

    I checked my ATX power cable, and found one of the copper rings inside missing. Then I thought I should be looking for a new one.

    Then I was watching a review on the ULTRA X3 1600W PSU, and the guy showed the cables to the camera... and noticed the ATX power cable has always one that doesn't have a copper ring (weird).

    I have the ULTRA X3 1000W by the way.

    So I screwed around more with the cables, I don't actually try anything different anymore, I just unplug... plug... hope it works... doesn't, look for more stuff.

    BUT NOW! There's a loud pitching sound coming from my CPU area!! LOUD I mean, it only happens when I power the computer but not when I just plug the PSU.

    I read on the web it might be one of the capacitors on the motherboard. Checked all of them, nothing.

    What's up now?
  7. the 1 pin missing from the connetor is -5 volts. Computers doont use it anymore. My bet is your motherboard is knackered. Since you already bought a new phenom, I doubt its the CPU. Try take the CPU out and power the motherboard on only. Is the high pitch noise still there. Check the CPU socket connectors, i dont know how amd boards work, do they have the pins on the motherboard? or are the pins on the cpu?
  8. AMD CPU's have the pins on the CPU's.
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