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Hi, I have some problems with my SLI setup
I have quite 2 different card's, EVGA GTS 250 1GB single power connector wich was overclocked and Palit GTS 250 512MB 2 power connectors
I put the Palit in the first PCI-e slot and the EVGA in the second, I used the molex to six pin adapter for the EVGA and connected the sli bridge, I instaled the drivers and in the registry i created a coolbits function with that value of 18 so the card's will use 512MB of memory.
I restarted the PC, enabled SLI and the EVGA underclocked to the Palits frequencies
I tested the card in some games
In Dirt 2 I got lots of frame drops, or very quick lockups, In Metro2033 normal gameplay decent frames and then it goes to about 2-3 frames. What could be the couse of this ? I use the latest drivers, my temps are quite low never above 75, I have an Antec True Power Trio 650w power supply
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  1. Have you tried to swap the cards positions?
  2. No I haven't tryed that yet but I think somethings wrong with antialiasing too becouse in Crysis with antialiasing texture starts flickering and image freazing...
  3. I realized I have these problems becouse the card's are quite different and becouse of the memory
    I flashed both card's bios to the same clock speed's and now it' working allitle better
    Wich card should I put in the first PCI-E slot, the 1GB one ore the 512MB?
    I have a ASUS P5N-T DELUXE Motherboard
    Is there any way I can flash the 1GB card to a 512MB card ? becouse that coolbits value 18 I don't think it's working properly
  4. Please, anyone ?
  5. Running the 1GB card with a 512 card is not recommended by Nv as issues may occur but I guess you know that now.
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