Wait for nvidia surround driver or upgrade to 5870?

Title. I have 2 GTX 275's and triple 22" monitors. Want to be able to game using triple screens but can't right now. Should I wait until "Summer 2010" to download nvidia's surround driver (which might be delayed again, was originally supposed to come out in april) or just buy a radeon 5870?
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  1. The switch to an ATI 5870 would net you fairly equal performance, and would only gain you the Eyefinity option.

    With nVidia releasing their version within the next couple months, I'd say it's a waste to buy an ATi 5870 at this point.
  2. I believe nvidia's surround driver will allow you to have multiple monitors in an SLI setup, and since GTX 275 SLI is slightly better than a GTX 295 due to higher clock rates, I would be downgrading significantly if I were to go to a single 5870. However, buying a 5870 would allow me to add a second one in crossfire once I have the money which would be an overall upgrade to my current setup (although that would be $800 for the 5870s plus $100 for an active displayport adapter, so $900 in total just for a few frames).

    Even though it's going to suck having to play all my games on one monitor and in non SLI, I think I will stick with my current GFX cards for now :D
  3. I think sticking with your current setup is the best idea. Plus more financially responsible (I hate that!!). LOL

    Hang in there, nVidia will deliver eventually. I told my wife all about multi monitor gaming, she didn't like the idea of my buying two more monitors and a GTX470 though :( Course in my case, a GTX470 wouldn't be much upgrade from my SLI setup either. Not much point in doing it with current pricing.
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