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Hi.. My ViewSonic LCD monitor was working fine for almost 2 years, recently i switched the location of the PC and had to remove all cables and relocate, now the problem is, i have to turn on and off for at least 5 to 6 times to start the monitor, it appears then the screen goes blank... after five or 6 times. its ok.. but with a buzzing sound from inside the monitor.
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  1. Hi,
    The CCFL tubes behind the plate are weaking or the circuit providing the current to the tubes has weaken ! The tubes on an LCD require 750v to spark up and then run on much lower ( comparable to starting a car !) see page and tech page, to fix yourself see page The buzzing is a mini version of the kitchen strip light [===========] when it is failing. Ebay sell the tubes. Sometimes poor earthing can effect equipment, no harm in trying the old settting , just the monitor. If you take it apart and replug back together
    less the caseing and plate and plate holder, you will be able to see which of the 4 tubes needs replacing.
    240v ---> [inverter]&{========}, & {========} to see which one
    pc--> vga cable --->[vga] to stop power save mode switch in and use on/off buttons [oooo].

    The inverter has high voltage and current, with large capacitors that hold a charge for days. Though if you just checking and changing tubes there no need to work on it, but keep it on a non conducting surface to stop short circuits and hands to edge of board else !. Else need to discharge the capacitors first using a 30k 10 watt resistor wired to drain charge away
    }<--plastic screw driver--30k10watt---plastic screw driver-->{ {} being capacitors, see page, if you have a voltage meter you can read before and after, ok less than 1 volt.
    To open caseing after removing any screws use a plastic phone card to slide between the [|] save on screwdriver damaging casing, can be difficult, but does work.
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