What motherboard would go great with my e8400

Hello, I recently lost my old psu and motherboard,it was a 680i, i got 2 x 1gig ram ocz reapers 1100 mhz or something like that, a 8800 gtx, 950w psu. im needing a decent stable oc'd mobo any suggestions low price prefered, i mean its not a i7 set up :P ( at work so i can give greater detail if needed later on when i get home. Thanks!
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  1. I like the P45 Gigabyte motherboards. I have a GA-EP45-UD3P and a UD3L. One has a Q9550 and the other a Q6600, both OC'd to 3.6 GHz, both stable with 24 hour Prime95 test runs.
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