Will my 500W be sufficient for these components?

I'm currently running an Antec 500W PSU (i dont know how to check rails or whatever you guys add when they ask for other specifics, but it's a smart power Antec 500W).
Right now I'm running a
AMD X4 2.6ghz 620 quad core(stock)
4GB DDR2 800MHz PNY with heatspreader
BFG GTS 250GB 1GB nvidia
and two IDE DVD/CD burner/drives(also, since they are IDES, does that mean that it takes more wattage to run compared to SATA?)
That's about it with 4x small fans and one medium size fan on the side case.

My question is if I change my graphic card to a GTX 260? If I choose an overclock edition, does that effect it? What if I overclock my CPU to about ~3.0Ghz stock?
I'm also running a Viore 24" LED LCD monitor if that matters
thank you
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  1. 500 W is the min recommended for that card so you should be fine, assuming that's a quality PSU. http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_gtx_260_us.html

    You can try punching your specs into a PSU Calculator, Antec's is pretty good: http://www.antec.outervision.com/
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