Please look over this build.

BUDGET: $1000 before rebates.


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Moderate to heavy gaming and internet surfing.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Peripherals and software.



OVERCLOCKING: Yes SLI OR CROSSFIRE: SLI definitely down the road.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Up to 1920 x 1080

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Plan on upgrading later on.


What I have so far:

CPU: Phenom II 955 BE, 3.2ghz. Link
Mobo: MSI nForce 980a SLI Link
RAM: G.skill ripjaws. 2x2gb. Link
HDD: 640GB Western Digital Caviar Black. Link
Graphics Card: Asus Geforce 9800GT 512mb. Link
Power supply: Corsair 950TX 950W PSU. Link
Case: Antec Three Hundred Illusion. Link.
ODD: Lite-on CD/DVD burner. Link

Other things.
Gigabyte PCI wireless adapter. Link
I have this because even though I have 2 USB adapters, they are fairly old. So I think I'll need a new one...

Nippon Labs all in one internal card reader. Link

Zalman 2-ball CPU cooler. Link
Because of course the default fan/heatsink wont do.

Artic silver 5 thermal compound. Link
Explanation necessary?

HDMI to HDMI 6-foot cable. Link
For the monitor.

Asus glossy black 21.5" HDMI monitor. Link

Rosewill Anti-static wrist strap. Link
I don't have one.

What I currently have combo'd on newegg.
The CPU and all-in-one card reader.
The HDD and the PSU
The RAM and the case

Current price after shipping. $992.99
What I plan on doing.

The reason I've got the 9800GT on there, is because I just want a card that will hold me over for a few months. Until I have more money. Then I will buy a higher-end GPU, and set the 9800GT as PhysX. If anyone has any idea of a card that would be cheaper for this purpose, then please do tell. With the high end card, I plan on SLIing down the road hence the 3-pci-e slot mobo. I will probably upgrade the CPU at some point too.

Any opinions/corrections/cookies would be nice. Thank you.
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    Here's a good budget build I put together earlier today.

    For your case you can forgo the 5870 for now and pick up a monitor instead, though the deal on that thing is really nice ATM.

    This acer monitor would also work $160. Also wouldn't need to buy a separate HDMI cable.

    Don't need thermal compound unless you're going for a high overclock.

    HSF wise a CM Hyper 212 plus is great for $27 free ship

    Don't need an anti static wrist strap... just ground yourself before working by touching the case.

    HAF 922 $90

    Spinpoint F3 1Tb $70

    5870 $351 w/ Promo Code Also has MWF2 free

    Ripjaw 1600 Cas 7 $100

    OCZ 700W 80+ and Liteon $89 w/ $25 MIR

    Phenom II X4 955 and GIGABYTE GA-790XTA-UD4 $280 w/ $15 MIR and $15 gift certificate and free game

    Total: $935 After $55 MIR
  2. Well. That was kind of a tangent.

    I did kinda mention SLI later on. So the motherboard falls apart. Weaker PSU that wont meet what I plan to do later on. The RAM looks nice, might change that. Guess I should have stated that I don't need much storage, I've already got a terabyte external. I also stated that budget was 1000$ BEFORE rebates. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I feel that you just totally ignored everything in the first part after budget and Purchase date, and just decided hey, let's post this build I made. I appreciate your attempt at helping. And I really am not trying to be rude.
  3. It is under $1,000 before rebates...

    PhysX is dead, was never relevant for gaming to begin with.

    ATI GPU's are currently better buys than Nvida.

    The Spinpoint F3 is a much better HD than the WD black you linked.
    If you don't need 1Tb, you can get the 500GB one for $55.

    A 750 watt PSU is enough to xfire 5870. Heck , its enough to run 2 5970's on.

    What kinda power needs exactly do you need?

    Mobo you chose lacks USB 3/SATA 6, new industry standards.
    RAM you choose has horrible latencies.
    HD is very old tech on 320gb platters. AS mentioned before the F3 or a 7200.12 would be significantly faster.
    PSU is completely unnecessary unless you plan on SLI 480's. Given that's $1000 worth of GPU's, I don't think that's your plan.

    HAF 922 is a bigger, better airflow, easier to work with case.

    For a gaming build at 1920x1080, the above build is better overall, and as I mentioned, if you hold off on the GPU for now, you'll be able to fit in a monitor easily, and the entire build will still be ~$100 less than the above cost.
  4. As per your suggestions. I have augmented a little. All the extra things were kept the same. I changed the all but the GPU to what you suggested. And changed the HDD to A 500gb 7200.12. The GPU, is a 1gb 5770.

    The HDD has only 16mb, as opposed to the 32mb of the one you suggested. Any notable difference there?

    Managed to pair the HDD with an Antec 900 two. Do you think that will work as opposed to the HAF 922?

    I suppose I can still upgrade the RAM and CPU as I go. And buy a second 5770 and crossfire them?

    Total price with shipping is. $1,003.38.

    With a combined MIR of 55$.
  5. a 5770 really isn't enough for 1920x1080. You really are better off just saving up a bit more for a 5850 at least.

    Cache size has no correlation to HD performance, as different controllers use the cache differently. Using cache size to compare HD's is about as correct as saying a 4ghz pentium 4 would beat a 3.33ghz i7-980x because it has a higher clock speed.

    The 902 is also a good case. However there is a $20 price difference.
    The 922 does have better airflow and is more spacious, so it's easier to build with.
    The 902 however does have filters, built in speed control for the fans.
  6. Oh for the Spinpoint F3 1TB, using promo code EMCYTNN25 it's only $65.
  7. I was basing the max size of the screen off of the monitor max res. I don't know if I'd do that constantly. I'd probably go a bit less to be honest. But according to this, it's got great performance even at 1920x1200. Here.

    I only said the 902 because it's coupled with a 500gb 7200.12 for $130. Which is a $46 combo discount. See?

    I was just asking about the cache size. One of my friends also said something to that extent. But I just wanted to make sure.
  8. The actual numbers are here,2446-6.html

    It's not actually playable at 1920 x 1200 with AA on in most games.

    In general we recommend a 5850 as the minimum to max out games at 1920x1080.

    Smooth gameplay is usually define as 37-40 average FPS, with a min of 24.

    That combo is great, and does end up cheaper so go for it.
  9. Well. Do you think the 5770 would hold me for a few months, until I have more money. And then I could buy another and crossfire them?

    Or would that still be a bad idea in your opinion?
  10. better off just keeping the 9800gt for a while. You're already halfway saved up to a 5870 anyway.
  11. I don't have the 9800GT. o.O
  12. OH I read it as you have one already. Yea, I guess just grab a 5770 and xfire it down the road then.

    Only problem is that once you hit the performance limit with those 2, the only option left is either a new PC or completely new GPU's. Admittedly, I don't see that being an issue at 1920x1080 for the next few years unless you want 3D.
  13. Meh. 3D is overrated in my opinion. Honestly. I don't want MAX PERFORMANCE ON EVERYTHING. Playable at good detail is fine too. Thanks a lot for your help. Lol.

    Quick Edit: This a good 5770? Seeing as it has the code for 10% off? Here
  14. It's a $10 discount, but yea, XFX is a great choice.
  15. So basically. Right now. I have.

    CPU/MOBO: Link

    RAM: Link

    GPU: Link

    Case/HDD: Link

    PSU/ODD: Link

    PCI wireless adapterLink

    All in one internal card reader. Link

    Zalman 2-ball CPU cooler. Link

    Artic silver 5 thermal compound. Link

    HDMI to HDMI 6-foot cable. Link

    Asus glossy black 21.5" HDMI monitor. Link

    Rosewill Anti-static wrist strap. Link

    All for $1,003.38

    I'm a little iffy about the power supply. Because if I upgrade later on, I'll only have 2 PCI-e connectors from the PSU.
  16. Most GPU come with molex to 6pin adapters so it's not a big issue. It's only an issue if the GPu needs 8 pin connectors as those are more of a pain to find.

    The Cm Hyper 212 plus is a better HSF.
  17. Well. I don't even remember why I had that card reader on there. I don't really need it. So I'm taking it off.

    And as for the HSF. I wish that was that price on Newegg. I'd love to have it all ordered off of one site. Because that just makes it easier. =x
  18. Any other good HSFs on Newegg below 50$?
  19. Um amazon is a perfectly fine site to order from, has free shipping too.

    But yes, the scythe mugens are also pretty good. ~$37 ATM. PITA to install though.
  20. I guess. But I was just wondering about the delivery dates. And it wont all come at the same time. But I guess that's not much of a problem...
  21. Newegg divides up orders shipping parts from closest location, so either way, won't all come in at once.
  22. The estimated shipping on that Hyper 212 from Amazon now says 1-3 months?! Didn't say that last night.
  23. Weird, usually filled by tigerdirect.
    W/E get from source then

    $27 ships sooner and eligible for 10% bring cash back.
  24. Wonder why it's $50 on Newegg, but $27 on Amazon and tigerdirect. Interesting. o.o,
  25. Newegg set's price using an automated software that takes demand of the item and supply left into account.

    Those things have been selling like hotcakes, and the stockpile is currently low, so the software has set the price to a ridiculous level.

    It's usually $30, with tons of combo's to bring it down to $25 or less.
  26. Oh. Okay. Makes sense then. I like newegg mainly because of all the combos, and the fact that I am in one of the three states that Tigerdirect charges Tax. Lol. But just one thing wouldn't really be much of a problem.
  27. Best answer selected by ninjakitteh.
  28. Wow, those were some incredibly helpful posts banthracis. You rock. Nice build Ninja.
    That CPU/mobo combo seems too good to pass up.
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