My portable Hard disck not detecting.


I have 1TB portable Hard disk. Suddenly its not working at all. Not detecting the drive in my computer. I tried to connect the hard disk through usb port and also connected with Sata cable. But no use.

Can any one give me the suggestion for my hard disk.

Thank you.

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  1. Is the drive making any noise at all - like a clicking sound? Just out of curiosity what is the brand of the hard drive?
  2. Hi Kenrivers,

    No, not making any noise. inner disk is running but not detecting, even it not showing in Disk management also.

    My hard disk is SeaGate
  3. Have you tried to connect the drive to another computer to see if it can be detected? Do other devices work on the USB port(s)? Test the ports and try the drive on another computer.
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