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My GPU is Radeon HD4850, sys is WIndows 7 Pro x64.

I have a game, which does not support any other ATI Catalyst drivers than 8.12. But, with other games, this version provides me a flashing screen (black-game-black-game) :heink:

I'm trying to find if there is a solution that will fix functioning in all of my games on Catalyst 8.12, or is there a possibility to keep two (ex. 8.12 and 10.4) versions of catalyst installed, to avoid multiple times of re-installing those packages?

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  1. Are you sure that it will not support newer versions of the catalyst driver? Have you tried any newer drivers?
    By the way, what game?
  2. It will not. I tried 9.12 and 10.4. Bad result - crash on loading

    By the way - a polish train sim, developed by railway... hmm lovers (xcuse me, I'm Polish and don't know very much of English)

    Edit: I made a nice big mess with my Catalyst packages.... Now no one would install, I couldn't launch any 3D...
  3. If this game will only work with one specific driver version, then the game developer has serious problems. Do they have any updates or patches to help with this issue?
  4. They said that they are developing a patch which will fix this issue, but, as in many such projects, it takes a lot of time, and I just want to play.

    Have you any idea on the other games to work on 8.12?

    Edit: Catalyst 10.4 is working fine, but still no idea about 8.12 and games such as Quake, Trainz, etc...
  5. And now, this railway simulator stopped working even on Catalyst 8.12. I lost myself in that driver mess.

    What can I do to completely clean all display drivers, and again install the proper one?
  6. Still awaiting any ideas... Please help...
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