Samsung 830 detected in OS, but not detected during install

I have an HP Elitebook has 2 HD slots.
I removed the HDD, and installed the SSD in the primary slot. I then tried to install Windows 7 Prof...but on the option to select hard drive to install windows 7 to, my SSD is not detected.
So...I put my original HDD back in the primary slot and installed the SSD on the secondary slot.
I booted up, and the SSD was visible in Windows 7, like another drive/USB stick.
I think Windows 7 can see the SSD but my bios cant.
I have AHCI turned can I install Windows 7 on the SSD when the installer can't see it?
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  1. Have you considered cloning the original HDD to the SSD? This way you could avoid a new install of Windows 7 if the SSD has the capacity to hold the programs and data on your current HDD. I did this when I installed an SSD as my primary drive on an HP Pavilion laptop and used the original HDD as a second drive. Did the SSD come with any software, I know some come with software to enable you to clone a drive.
  2. I did try cloning it first but since it looks like the bios never sees the did not work.
  3. Drive cloning is not the preferred method when moving from a HDD to an SSD because the drive alignment will be slightly off.

    BIOS has to be able to see your drive in order for you to see it Windows. Is the SSD the only hard drive in your computer when you are installing Windows?
  4. I've tried 2 methods:
    1 - SSD only in the primary bay; then booting from Windows Prof installation DVD
    2 - HDD in primary and SSD in secondary; then booting to windows 7; (when I am in Windows 7 I can see the HDD and the SSD); then inserting Windows 7 installation DVD

    But either way when I get to the "Choose hard drive to install Windows on" screen the SSD does not appear.
  5. Ok try this cause when Installing windows 7 you should only have your primary hard drive hooked up to the motherboard all other hard drives should be unplugged.
    My cousin had this problem and I had to go down there and install it for him.
    What motherboard do you have?
  6. That doesn't sound right that you should have all other HD's unplugged....But that was my first method. (read above) "SSD ONLY in the primary bay" that was the only drive installed. I had nothing in the second bay.
    I think my motherboard is a
  7. well what happens sometimes is windows will install and spread it self on other hard drives. Also if you just have the SSD in that is the only one that it detects
  8. Youngster - for the second time...if you read my post you will see I said I tried having the SSD installed ONLY in the primary bay.
    I think it has something to do with HP "tattooing" their hard drives. This SSD wasn't bought from HP so it is no "tattoed"
  9. windows won't recognize the SSD if you have AHCI selected in the BIOS until you use those drivers to install windows.

    the "quick and dirty" way is to install in IDE mode then switch to AHCI using this method:
    Exit all Windows-based programs.
    Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
    If you receive the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.
    Locate and then click one of the following registry subkeys:

    In the right pane, right-click Start in the Name column, and then click Modify.
    In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
    On the File menu, click Exit to close Registry Editor.
    Reboot, enter BIOS and select AHCI
  10. looniam - I tried your suggestion. I only had the SSD Drive installed in the first bay, changed to "IDE" in the bios...tried to install Windows, but the drive still wasn't recognized/seen.
    I really think the SSD needs to be "branded/tatooed" with HP DMI software.
    See link :
    But I am not sure I want to try this utility because one of the users said it didn't work for him.
  11. ick.

    sorry i gave it a shot and, no offence, but i think i will avoid ever buying an HP. since it seems to be an HP difficulty; you may find better success in the laptop section:
  12. youngster Dont buy a HP. Build a PC if you want the best perfromance
  13. its a laptop...... so ur choices r slim beside custom gaming laptops like origin or prebuilt gaming like asus/alienware/msi.

    Is the elitebook updated to use a ssd? bios update?
    forget the bios thing lol im an idiot its an elitebook lol how big is the ssd? hps website says it supports 128gb to 256gb ssds
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