9800 GTX+ System Freezing

Yesterday I bought a 9800GTX+ to replace my aging ATI HD 3650, I also changed out the power supply for a 600W to accommodate the new card. Now my computer gets hung up on the Welcome screen after logging in (it was nearly instantaneous before, now it takes the better part of 20 seconds) and it will randomly freeze. The CPU usage is never above 3-5% when it freezes, if I have TeamSpeak running in the background I can still hear people talk and if I have Task Manager running that will continue to update. However, most other programs will go unresponsive for 30 seconds or so.

Windows 7 64-bit
nVidia 9800GTX+
2gig RAM
Intel E8400
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  1. Have you... installed the new drivers?
  2. I had the same card on win7, never had any issues, but when I changed to ATI, the system would freeze after a few seconds after entering at welcome screen. I figured out, and it was a screen driver thingy, Magictune was causing this...
    If you have any drivers like that, give it a try and uninstall them if you can get into safe mode.
  3. Your PSU, brand? model?

    If you still failed after installing driver for your 9800GTX+, then try the latest or the older one, sometimes you must get the stable driver and the latest is not always do... :)
  4. I rolled the driver back and it's doing the exact same thing. It's weird, it was working ok when I left but now coming home doing the exact same things it's not working... I've uninstalled every conflicting driver I can find.

    Edit: The PSU in question is this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817159088
    Further edit: I can play Battlefield Bad Company fine, but if I alt tab or open any other program it freezes and loses the connection.
  5. Bump... problem still occurring :\
  6. Try a different power connector cable from what you've using right now...
    try re-seat the card as well.
    check your card temps as well, it may be an overheating..

    Make sure you use DriverSweeper between uninstalling and installing the new one.
  7. There's only 1 power connector cable that plugs to the card, do you mean a new one from computer to wall?
    Card is totally snug.
    Not sure how to check the core temp but feeling around the card it's running nice and cool.

    Trying Driver Sweeper now.
  8. I disabled Aero, let's see if that helps. Incredibly annoying though I hope they fix it soon...
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