Ati Radeon Hd 5830 Oc'ed vs xfx 5770 Oc'ed?

which card is better for gaming on a resolution of 1440 x 900? I'm looking for something that can handle any game out there with ease... the card that wins I will end up crossfiring...
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    The 5830 OC offers more performance, but either card is overkill for your resolution.
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  3. Ok, then the 5770 is the card I'm going to buy and crossfire it.
  4. Don't crossfire it until you get a better monitor. Like shadow said the card is already overkill for your resolution.
  5. Well thats good then I can be 100% sure of no stuttering or loss of performance in any situation... :D
  6. Just one HD5830 will max everything. Two might even lead a loss in performance.
  7. well im using a 5770 not 5830 and second why would it loose performance?
  8. I would possibly lose performance because crossfire uses some CPU overhead.
    A single HD5770 should be fantastic so don't worry about it.
  9. juicycrapachino said:
    well im using a 5770 not 5830 and second why would it loose performance?

    Not every game is made to use crossfire and i just got a HIS5770 IceQ turbo and WOW... was not impressed with what people were saying about it but i got a 40" TV at 1080p and its smokes anything ive played so far and the overdrive makes it all even better go with the 150$ 5770 or ICEQ turbo if its that big of a deal
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