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i have an iball lpe223-400 250w psu and i want to know whether the psu will run it. or else what other card will<maybe 9500gt>?
ps: the psu has 17a on 12v rail
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  1. the 9500 gt will run on it fine, but have u considered getting a 5670 or 5570? 5670 is a much better performer and only a bit more expensive and a 5570 is very good for its price which is very similiar to the 9500 gt
  2. What about the other specs?
    For your low PSU, you must use low power card, like 5670 or even 9500GT(weak card, you will be disappointed with it's performance)...
  3. he could also upgrade it to 400w or 500w or 750w incase he wants 2 upgrade or xfire. But with such a low watt psu i dont rly think ur comp should be gaming cuz if ur psu fails then ur comp fails
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