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So im back to post some new discoveries about my issue. My monitor goes black (still a signal, only a black screen signal) when I start ANY game, or if I temporarily lose a monitor signal, eg when UAC messages appear or when windows switches to windows basic. I can still hear sound, showing that the pc is still running. The only way I can regain picture is to unplug and replug my vga connection. I have 2 gtx 260s in sli and a vizio 22" tv as a monitor. I have the latest drivers. The pc will work with other monitors. Therefore it may be a monitor compatibility issue. Is there anything i can do?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Factoring in the TV as a monitor could be part of the issue. Do you have a standard LCD computer monitor around to try out? Sometimes when you go from Windows into a game the screen will temporarily blank to black as the display switches from 2D to 3D operation, and from windowed to full screen. So you could have an issue with the TV. Have you tried just turning the TV off, and then back on? Instead of removing the VGA cable? If that works, it might at least let you narrow things down to a TV/Monitor issue.
  2. it works with computer monitors, not my tv. But there was no issue with a single gtx 260, which is odd. Only when I sli do i have these issues, but also only with my vizio. They just don't seem to play nicely together.

    Thanks for your time!
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