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So iv asked in different forums and even different parts of tom. I just installed a intel Q9300 and iv been concerned about temp i went through 3 HSF's and I'm using pc wizard, real temp , speed fan. My question is two fold what is a comfortable day to day idle and load for this chip set and what is the actual TJmax iv seen 100 and 95 in countless places. I'm thinking of over-clocking and seeing as how the TJmax makes a 10 c difference in real temp i would love to know which is right
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  1. and to be clear i under stand toms hardware has a tjmax spec for the Q9300 at 100 but iv seen countless other resources stating any where from 100 to 85c. So if any one has any thing solid or if the community can come to a agreement that would be great.
  2. i have a q9300 and it reaches nowhere near those temps...even under load!!!
    ive tried to OC it, but it sucks bad!!!
  3. Any one? safe operating temp for a Q9300 idle and load.
  4. Safe temp @ idle? Any temp less than max temp, really.

    As far as I know Intel doesn't publish Tjmax data. Anything you've seen is probably just an 'educated guess'.
    Tjmax is the temp at which your CPU shuts down to save itself from catching fire.
    But you can look up the Tcase Max on the Intel site.
  5. I have an Intel Core 2 quad q9300 @ 3.4Ghz it runs hot on a Artic freezer 7 @ 75c in all 4 cores on load. and idling 50s. It's a hard cpu to overclock because of the low multiplier but i managed to hit 3.7Ghz on a MSI P45 Platinum
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