One vertex SSD is running slower then other help?

Hi first time post, but just recently got two vertex 4 128 SSD and used one for my OS and my second for a main game only drive. So i just did the cmd test tool and my OS drive was getting 449.75mb read and 444.15mb right which is what i thought they get and windows gave it almost all 7.9 accept in one cattagory was a 7.8 which i like.(51gb used/68.14gb free) and my secound vertex 4 128gb is getting 360.98mb read and 163.80mb right.(9gb used/109gb free) Both are in sata 3 ports.
system specs.
i5 3570k 4.3mh
asus p8z77-v le plus bios 0404
16gb gskill ares 1866mh
2-vertex 4 128 ssd
seagate 2tb 7200rpm sata 3
Thermaltake 850w PSU

Any thoughts on to why one is performing so much slower? might be be set up wrong in bios not sure new to SSD. thanks for the help!!!
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  1. also forgot to ass for some reason the OCZ toolbox is only showing one SSD and its the OS with firmware 1.5.
  2. The slower SSD is connected to the Marvell 6Gb/s port. That's probably why the Toolbox cannot see it. Both SSDs should be connected to ports SATA6G_1 and SATA6G_2. See page 2-2 of your motherboard manual for the location of the ports.
  3. After you get the drives on the ports as mentioned above, grab the tool from here:

    The Trimcheck tool actually checks to see if trim is working on your drive. It doesn't just check to see if the services or whatever are running. It writes to the drive, records what it wrote and where it wrote in a file on a different location on the drive, then deletes the file from the record.

    When you run the program again, it looks in the file, and checks to see if the location on the drive has been zeroed.

    If you have a very busy or very low free space drive, you might have to run a few checks to get a clear response.

    I'm experiencng a similar issue. My Boot SSD is working great and trimming. My gaming / SETI@Home SSD is fully functional except it is not trimming. Eventually, since it's not trimming, my second drive will end up runnong more slowly, like yours is doing. But I don't know for sure if you are having problems with TRIM, or with that SATA port.
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