Stuck at expanding Windows files :( Common problem.

After searching for this error i see its a commen mistake among a lot of ssd users. But have any one got a solution for it yet???
Im kinda dessperate.

I got an i7 3770k
Asus sabertooth z77
and 16 gig vengeance 1866
and the Corsair Force GT 120 GIG.
Im new to the bios in with the z77 so explain it carefully if there are adjustments there.
I saw something about the AHCI or something making sure its not at IDE, and thats checked so.
I also tried using a sata II cabel and the sata 3gb port, but not difference.
Plz help
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  1. That step can take a while so be patient and wait at least 10 minutes.

    If you've done that and are still having problems make sure that you have it connected to the Intel 6GBps or 3GBps. If you have it connected to an add-in controller from ASMedia, Marvell, LSI, etc... you're going to have problems. The same goes for your optical drive, both must be connected to the Intel controller. The ports are right beside eachother and may be the same colour; consult your motherboard manual to find out which port is connected to which controller.

    Second, make sure that your EFI firmware is at the latest revision. That would be revision 1504 for the Sabertooth Z77.

    Third, make sure that the Sandforce 2281 controller firmware on your SSD is up to date as well. The initial revisions of the firmware had problems which have been resolved. If your SSD was bought used or was sitting on the shelf for an extended period of time then you may have to update it. It is possible to update the firmware using a Linux LiveCD such as PartedMagic. Please note that you may have to hotswap the SSD (plug in the power after the OS has loaded) to update the firmware this way.
  2. Is there a way to see what version my Force SSD disk currently is?
  3. aleksanderdev said:
    Is there a way to see what version my Force SSD disk currently is?

    It may say on the box or drive what the revision was when it shipped. The current sandforce 2 revision is 5.0.2 but some OEMs change this to their inhouse revision name.
  4. As has been said before when expanding files it can appear that it is stuck at expanding files at 0% and then again at 10%. If you have waited for a quarter of an hour and it is still stuck then you have a frozen computer. The most common cause of a frozen computer when installing Windows is problem memory and is rarely due to the SSD. Try running memtest86 for at least three passes to test the memory. On a new build you should always test the memory anyway.
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