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I don't even know if this is the correct place for this topic because multiple parts of my computer is suspect, but the Motherboard is one of them so I posted this here.

I'm going to try to explain every detail because I believe that is important. I have a i7 920 processor, 750W PSU, if you need any other details not included in my Hardware monitor screenshot let me know, I will post it.

I have had my computer for about 2 years, no problems that I can think of. I left the computer on to complete a download 3 days ago, when I woke up it was turned off ( I thought windows update, boy was I wrong). I turned on the computer and everything started normally. When I entered a video game, I played for maybe 5 minutes before the computer shutdown without warning, I started the computer up and retried to play the game and this time I received a bluescreen of death. On my 3rd time restarting the computer, the fans came on but no movement on my monitor then it shutoff without even booting. I immediately suspected that I was overheating.

I removed all the dust that I could find via compressed air, I checked the fans, they were moving. I tried to start the computer and now it wouldn't last a couple minutes on desktop without overheating and shutting down. In the past 3 days I have read everything, I mean everything I could get my hands on in the free world via a secondary computer and the only thing I found that sounded useful was to install the CPUID hardware monitor, however my computer wouldn't even last a couple minutes on desktop how could I even monitor the problem?

I thought of putting a large box fan on the side of my computer and blowing it on high, when I did that, it doesn't shut down at desktop anymore! I couldn't open any games or even search through my browser quickly without shutting down, but I managed to download the HWmonitor and this is what it said after leaving my computer on for 6 hours:

Now to clarify this, my CPU temp would hit 100 C without this box fan running, my GPU temp would also hit over 100 C without this fan. Those 60ish C current temperatures are stabilized only by this giant box fan I got blowing into it.

First thing I noticed is Fan RPM is 800 and 500, what the hell? Aren't they supposed to be 2500-3000? Second thing I noticed, look at my +12 voltage, it's 1 with a max of 7. How am I even online right now able to post this if my voltage is messed up?

I don't know what is exactly wrong, do I need to replace my power supply? Do I need to replace my Motherboard? Do I need to replace both? Do I need to simply change a setting?

I'm at a wits end, any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. try check power supply first fan to low not enough voltage to them
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