How is the quality of WD Cavier Blue

Today I was looking at HDD's and one that I came across was WD Cavier Blue. I guess my question is how is the quality of these HDD's? Given their really cheap price I get the feeling they are cheap junk that will crash as soon as the warrenty is up. Are they that much worse than Cavier Green and Cavier Black?
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  1. I've personally never used the blue version of the drives, but I have a black and two green drives and they are rock solid 3+ years. Just go with a 1TB or 2TB green if you want lots of storage.

    Good Luck!
  2. I've used Cavier Black and wasn't really impressed which makes me wonder if the Blues are going to be even worse. I had one 1TB Cavier Black that lasted less than 6 months. I got another 1 TB Cavier Black to replace the dead one and that one also lasted about 6 months. I had two high-end HDD's that I paid a decent amount of money for and neither even lasted a full year. Since then I've kind of be meh about WD and thier HDD's.
  3. That doesn't sound right that your drives die so quick, very strange. Your other Western Digital drives just died and didn't boot up anymore?

    You could always try Seagate drives and hope for the best.

    My black drive has:

    Power-On Hours (POH) 821d 15h 73 73 0 0x000000004D07 and not a single issue.
  4. WD Black drives have a five year warranty. I think that makes them worth the price.
    As to the WD Blue, I have had a few and/or put them in rigs I've built for others, and none have died; but then other than a DOA I got a few years ago I've had no hard drive problems at all. Maybe it's luck, maybe it's that I use only high quality PSUs, but whatever it is I'll take it.
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