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Best Low profile low power video card!

My son has a dell 755 small form factor, i want to buy him a nice low profile video card!

Any suggestions from some pros on here!

Thanks for your time!
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    Well what does he intend to do with the video card and what's your budget?

    If it's just multimedia and work then a 5450 should be a good choice, totally silent on load and only consumes about 20W max.

    If he wants to do some gaming I think there's a few low-profile 4650's which are decent.
  2. There's also low profile 9800GT... :)

    But it will produce heat and not so good with small case computer.
  3. Boy, how did I guess ... another Dell or HP slimline question.

    Your best option would seriously be to take everything out of that case, put it in a regular-sized case for about $30, and then get a decent power supply of like 500W+. Then you could put whatever video card you wanted in it. As it stands, you have a 275W power supply, which I wouldn't trust with anything better than a 4650 regardless.

    Make sure to avoid slim cases at all costs in the future -- they usually come with a terrible PSU which limits what you can do in addition to space issues being a problem. Basically, it's like getting punched in the nuts twice in a row. They basically make slimline systems so you can't do any worthwhile upgrades; they want you to buy a whole new system instead.
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