Disk on port 0 at risk

Hello, I am currently running a 2 year old Gateway laptop, and today I had 2 errors (30 minutes a part) saying my "disk on port 0 is at risk. I wasn't sure what to make of it the first time, so I clicked "fix" in what ever pop up popped up, but it happened again. So I did some searching around and found myself downloading HD Tune. I am currently running a scan on the laptop, it is half way done, with only ONE red "block."

From what I've read, is there anyway for my hard drive to be saved? Sorry, not too smart with the physical workings of a computer :p

On a side note my disk randomly dismounted a few days ago, no warning but I was able to remount it. I restarted the computer hours later after the dismount, and ended with a very long "DSK check." I'm sure both of these are connected with my disk errors. I will post results of my HD Tunes test.

P.S. Windows has 17 important updates, so I am asking here before I update :kaola:
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  1. with the price of SSD's these days, and the seemingly evident demise of your current HDD, I suggest you invest ina 240GB SSD and give your laptop a new life!

    once the new SSD is installed and windows is freshly installed, you can then copy your data over from the (hopefully still working) HDD
  2. Yes the HDD is STILL in operative use, that is until it decides to give out :P Will an SSD be compatible with my NV57H26u Gateway laptop?
  3. Yes, of course, any SSD will work - you just have to check if it's SATA II or SATA III (I'm assuming its SATA II)

    Then you can shop for an SSD
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