What type of DVI to VGA converter do I need?

Okay I am getting a palit gts 250 that supports 2 monitors. I have a 19" LG LCD HDTV that only supports VGA, aswell as a Dell CRT, which is too, VGA.

The Video card has one VGA, and 1 DVI slot.
NOTE: **Cant use HDMI from HDTV, My PS3 is using it.

Heres how its going to work..

Computer - GTS 250-----DVI=Adapter=VGA=Dell CRT (VGA)
VGA -=LCD (VGA) << this will be my main screen

The BOLD words represent that they are the physical ports from the video card itself.

Question is do I get a DVI-A, DVI-D, or DVI-I to VGA converter

Thanks in advance.
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    U cna use any one of those. Why? Ur GPU is 24+5 pins female. That means that ur GPU is DVI-I dual link (integrated, digital & analog). Now, this are the specifications of the DVI connectors:

    DVI-A: Is 12+5 pins only analog
    DVI-D: Exist two types: Dual link is 24+1 pins and the Single link is 18+1 pins both dual link and single link are only digital
    DVI-I: Exist two typer: Dual link is 24+5 pins and the Single link is 18+5 pins both dual link and single link are integrated, digital & analog

    What's the difference between Dual link and Single link? Dual link can handle 2560x1600 resolutions @ 60Hz, single link only can handle 1920x1200 @ 60Hz

    U can know more about DVI here
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