I7 930 or i7 875k ?

I'm about to give intel a try ,got little dilema betwen i7930 and i7875k.Was going to go with X58 platform but i like the performance of 875k and it's only 30-50$ more
I'm new to intel so any help will be appreciated,thank you.

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    Neither. 870+P55 will save you a lot of money and still have same/similar overall performance.

    Systems with lower BCLK tends to be more stable and easier for OCing. 870 has 22+2 multipliers and therefore you can achieve 4.2GHz with merely 175MHz BCLK which shouldn't cause any instability. However, most i7 (9xx and 8xx) can NOT reach 4.2GHz without turning off the Hyper Threading which is the point of buying an i7. I would recommend you OC it to 3.6GHz~3.8GHz with HT enabled.
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