Tracking down a Asus P8P67 PRO

So, we all know that these mobo's are hard to find. I have seen them on sketchy looking sites that I don't want to buy from, so the other choices I see are:

I've signed up to be notified by Amazon when they get them, so that's good.

TigerDirect: You can order it, but they say 7-10 days wait

B&H has pre-order

Wait for it to pop back up on New Egg (this obliviously involves checking constantly). This, along with Amazon, has the possibility of getting it sooner, it pops up, I buy it. Tiger Direct may be a longer wait than advertised.

What do you think. Any other ideas?
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  1. You don't know about the Sandy Bridge/SATA3 defect? Intel had to recall all the 1155 boards and they will be back on full retail in April.
  2. Yes, I know about the defect, and some places are already getting the B3's in. The Asus P8P67 Deluxe just popped up on NewEgg, and Amazon had the Pro for a bit.
  3. ok a closer look at the Amazon listing, may not have been the rev 3/b3

    EDIT: Just looked at the reviews, it was is the B3 that they got. The picture says B3 on the box as well
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