Hdd not detected?not working???? help apreciated!

ok so i got a ssd but now my combuter wont use my hard drive. :(

so im wondering how i can instal tf2 (a game) on it and not my ssd

under devices it shows up but not under combuter....

first build so im a n00bie :D

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More about detected working apreciated
  1. Click on Start, right click on computer then click on manage. On the left hand side you should see Disk Management. Click on that and it should ask you if you want to initialise the Disk. Say yes and you should see it in My Computer.

    Or click on Start , Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management then Disk Management. Initialise the disk etc.
  2. ok thanks i digured it out!!

    NOTE to all needed in help: right click the disk0 ( or whatever) and instal it basicly :)
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