Blurry text with Samsung 2494 SW monitor

Hello Folks,

This is driving me nuts! I had this monitor since December and can't seem to find a way to keep the text from being blurred and fuzzy in WIN XP. Downloaded all of Samsung's drivers but they don't seem to correct. Have a Dell monintor of the same size in my office and the text is very clear. What am I missing and please help in getting this corrected for me.
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  1. What about your graphic card? what is it?
  2. Oh boy this could be a million different things...I'd try adjusting your sharpness in the menu options or picture quality. If that doesn't help then try a different cable to hook up to your monitor and computer or try a different adapter or different slot when plugging in the cable to your graphics card ( If you have a second slot). As a last resort take your monitor into a local shop ( make sure he knows what he's doing first! ) or get help from Samsung technical support either online or telephone. Samsung may possibly let you return it if you have a warranty on it. If that does not work then your outta luck as far as I know...Has this monitor ever worked before or has it been like this from day one?
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