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I'm in the process of buying a new laptop which will be used primarily for gaming. THG has done a great job with its CPU charts for desktops, but it has not updated its mobile CPU charts. If anyone could give me an ordered hierarchal list of the top 5 mobile processors it would be great.

I have been just confused with all the processors out there. There are i7s with low clock speeds and i5 with higher speeds and some clarity on the subject would be nice.

Also, if anyone knows of some fairly new releases that I should wait for it would be good to know.

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    In order? It depends on what you are using it for. However generally it would be i7's with highest numbers, then i5's with highest number. So i think that goes:

    i7 840QM

    i7 740QM

    i7 720QM

    i7 620M (forgot about that one)

    i5 540M

    i5 520M
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