Radeon Family Driver has stopped working

I have recently experienced the lovely crashes of the 5700 HD card on idle and at gaming levels. I proceeded to change my core clock and memory speeds so i could aat least troubleshoot without getting random crashes but whenever i play a game, i get the BSOD, or vertical lines of death and i have to do a manual reboot. I have tried many workarounds but nothing fixes the problem when it comes to gaming. Right now i am about to reinstall windows 7 64bit and turn off automatic updates and see if any updates were the cause. ATI support were so nice in telling me things i already knew and they never answered my question as to when the actual problem faced by thousands of people would be fixed. If this fresh install of windows does not work then i am going to return my card and get a new one because I would then know it is the sapphire card causing problems. Anyone else experiencing this problem please feel free to post here as to what you tried to do and what you think worked. I am eager to fix this.
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  1. First of all, list all of your components here...
    CPU? RAM? Motherboard? PSU? VGA?
    Did you install all driver for each component?
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