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We have a Compaq Presario 1550NX with the original video card in it. My sone would like to install Modern Warfare 2 on it. It is so old that I don't think the video card can handle it? Will the original video card handle this game? If not, can I get a video card for this PC which will handle Modern Warfare 2 and if so, what is it?
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    Is that your computer?

    If that so, you only has an AGP slot on your motherboard.
    You can add AGP card if you want, but i think it's useless, because the other specs like CPU can RAM are too slow and old, your machine is not enough to play any games recently like Modern Warfare 2.

    You will better save money and buy a new whole thing.
    Well, that's just my opinion, anyone?
  2. You can still find AGP cards?

    Freddie_789, games depend on the CPU as much as they depend on the graphics card. Your CPU and memory are so old (if wa1's link is correct) that you won't be able to play much of anything on that machine.

    Either get a new system, or tell your son that he's out of luck.
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