P8P67 Pro Available on Newegg now EDIT: P8P67-M

I just got an email how Newegg just got some in stock. Here's the link.
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  1. Different MOBO, your link is:

    ASUS P8P67-M PRO
    -- versus --
    P8P67 PRO

    My assumption is 2~3 weeks for the P8P67 PRO.
  2. got all excited for nothing. Oh well.
  3. Ahhh sorry, my bad! The P8P67-M Pro was out of stock, so I assumed it was the one everyone was waiting for. Is the M far inferior to the non M?
  4. reclaim3r said:
    Is the M far inferior to the non M?

    NO!...It stands for Micro {mATX or uATX}.

    The board otherwise is fine if you want a Micro ATX MOBO.
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