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Just looking for some feedback on my build before I hit the purchase button. Let me know what you think. I have a hard drive already.

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  1. Overall Good Build!!!

    Couple of Comments:
    1) I would look to get a HSF, so you can overclock that CPU!! The Sunbeam CCTF is a good cooler for the price.
    2) Your motherboard isn't designed for a Crossfire setup, so you can drop down to the 550W version, if a combo is still there.
  2. Actually his motherboard supports crossfire at x16/x4 which won't make a big difference, though I tend to try to stick with a combination of x16 and x8 bandwidths.
  3. I might overclock later on, but if I don't overclock for a couple months, will the stock HSF be alright?

    Also what Motherboard would you recommend if I wanted to throw in another videocard later and Crossfire them? Might be handy down the road instead of upgrading one videocard, just tossing in another one.
  4. That one in your current build will do just fine for crossfire.
  5. I would look at this MSI board for a Crossfire setup or look at the older 790 chipsets for additional savings.

    MSI 890GX:

    ASUS 790X:
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