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Will my memory which is rated at 1.65 volts affect my overclocking of my CPU?
CPU - i5-750
Memory - G Skills
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  1. no not really

    that memory is fine for the i5

    but you are going to need to post your mobo too, to be absolutely sure
  2. yeah that will be fine with your memory and CPU

    go ahead and OC away
  3. k sounds good
  4. I think what he may have been asking is "will my RAM have headroom to overclock". The answer is sure, as long as you don't need any additional voltage on the ram to do so.

    You can also change dividers such that you can increase your processor speed while raising the bus (cpu) speed, and keeping the ram speed constant.
  5. Actually on a different forum someone told me that my ram at 1.65v would affect my ability to overclock my CPU to 4ghz
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