Choosing a graphic card for this computer

Hi people,

I was just wondering what would be a great graphics card for my computer. Here's my computer specs

The thing I want to do is play the latest online games mostly STARCRAFT II

Thank you for your help in advance
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  1. Okay. Your motherboard has PCIe x 16 slot so you can get some new graphics cards. What is you monitor resolution?
  2. Most HP PCs are limited by a 300w power supply and a single slot for a graphic card. My first choice for that PC would be a HD5670. It will run fine on your existing power supply and should handle SCII at decent settings.

    My second choice would be a HD4670 for a bit less money, again it will work with your existing power supply.
  3. dirtmountain: oh yeah forgot to mention that I will also change my power supply to whatever the graphic cards needs to run smoothly

    randomkid: My monitor max resolution is 1440 x 900 / 60 Hz need more specs on the monitor
  4. If your willing to change the power supply then its rather an easy pick especially if you don't plan on changing your monitor. Doesn't really take a powerhouse gpu to play a game well at 1440 resolution. Id recommend the 5770 or if you do plan on upgrading your monitor to something with say 1920 resolution and enjoy eye candy id push for a 5850
  5. At that resolution you can just get an HD5670. It will likely run on the included PSU and will give you pretty nice performance. Just make sure it says at least 300w on the side of the PSU. If not then yeah, you'll be wanting to replace it anyway and then perhaps something like and HD4850/5750/GTS 250 would make sense.
    If you plan on upgrading the monitor in the not too distant future then an HD5770 would be a good choice as said above. A 400-500w PSU of a quality brand such as Antec or Corsair should cover the power needs for that one.
  6. I'd still go with the 5670, especially considering the E2200 @ 2.4 GHz.,2611.html
  7. At 1440x900 resolution, the HD5670 will probably cut it at mainstream settings. If you want higher settings and possibility for monitor upgrade in the future say to 1920x1080, go for the HD5770 since you are probably going to buy a new PSU anyway since pre-built PC's have PSU that may not be intended to handle discrete video cards.
  8. Cool thanks for all the suggestion and quick replies! Really helpful place!! so I made up my mind and I'm going with 5670 I chosen that card because I wont be changing my monitor anytime soon just wanted the best card I can get with the stuff i have right now and again thanks for your guys help really appreciate it!!
  9. The card is very low power but you should still take a look at your PSU before ordering. If it is 300w+ it should be fine. Between 250-300w it may not be strong enough and even if it does work you are pushing the PSU to the limit so don't be surprised if it dies before too long and needs to be replaced anyway. Below 250w I wouldn't even try it.
  10. One more should i get the 512mb or the 1gb
  11. Don't pay more for the 1gb version. More than 512mb becomes slightly useful at 1680x1050 and important at 1920x1080 and above but that card isn't really powerful enough to be used at those resolutions.
  12. jyjjy: thanks for your reply and yes I wasn't going to leave my old PSU even tho it says 300w I'm going to get a new one and for my other question... soo i should stick to the 512mb since my monitor only max resolution is 1440x900 (and since I wont be upgrading my monitor any time soon)
  13. Yeah, 512mb should be fine for you.
    However if you are actually going to replace the PSU anyway you may want to consider an HD4850/GTS 250/HD5750 instead. The HD5670 will be good for your resolution but one of those will be great. Usually the HD4850 is the best buy out of those but right now particularly the deals look better for the GTS 250. This is a rather nice version of the card and a good deal;
    It will cost more than the HD5670 initially but that rebate brings it down to basically the same price and they throw in a free game. At your resolution it is 30-40% more powerful than the HD5670.
  14. I see, if i were to get the HD 4850 what model would I get or will it matter? thanks in advance
  15. Looking at the cards/prices on newegg right now I guess I would probably get this;
    but the GTS 250 is a slightly better card in general(5-10%) and the one I linked certainly a better deal unless you don't care at all about the rebate or the nice fan/heatsink.
    If you have the money you could always go for the HD5750;
    Or you could go for overkill and get the HD5770($160) for something that will last you a long time and serve you well if you do decide to upgrade your monitor.
  16. From the looks of it your giving me hints of telling me to get the gts 250 and finally I decided that I will get that one =] also can you suggest a good PSU for me

    please and thank you =]
  17. Alright. This should be able to handle your system and the GTS 250;
    It's 400w but Corsair is the best brand you can buy pretty much and their 400w is better than most brands 500w PSU.
    BTW your processor is ok but not particularly good. I'm not sure if your motherboard can overclock but if so it would be a good idea. If not then you will probably want to put a new CPU in there at some point. Even something fairly cheap like this;
    will be a pretty large upgrade and let you get the most out of your new card.
  18. Just spotted this PSU for another option;
    More expensive initially but the same after rebate. It is a nice brand as well but actually 500w this time and modular. Either will be fine but this one is better if you are ok waiting for the rebate.
  19. I'll be looking into that cpu but for now I'm going to get the video card and the PSU for sure.. in the future I'll prob build a new semi gaming computer and give the current computer I'm using to my parents
  20. btw my friend has a similar computer as mine and wanted to upgrade his graphics so he got a card and a psu once he installed the psu and card he booted up his computer but like only 5 seconds later his computer just shuts down every time he boots up it just shuts down right away but once he took out the card everything works fine what could be the problem with his computer? He met the card requirements I think he got the 8800gt and a 550w psu
  21. Does it boot up without the 8800GT?
    550w even if it isn't a good brand should handle an 8800GT so it sound like a faulty PSU. It happens. All you can do is replace it I guess.
  22. yea it does boot up withOUT the 8800GT
  23. I guess it is faulty and cant provide enough for the 8800GT. The card itself works fine in other computers right?
  24. yeah that's what I thought it would be since he went back and forth getting new video cards but it would just do the same thing boot up then shuts down in seconds

    well jyjjy thanks for all your help on the video cards/ PSU and also the CPU advices.. if its cool with you I'm going to add you as a friend and if I have any other questions I'll turn to you if I cant find it on the net again.. thank you
  25. Alright, good luck.
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