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Heyz, i'm soon to build my first computer, got all the parts lined up and should have them by next week, this is a very tight buget gaming rig, so i've downgraded a few parts till i get some more income in later months, one of these things is the CPU, the thing thats been biting the back of my head is, when/if i decide to change my current cpu for a new one, how hard would it be, would i have to do anything software wise or would it just be a simple matter of removing the old one and sticking the new one in there and thats that?
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  1. make sure the new cpu is supported by your mobo before you buy it ,
    possible need to reinstall windows or re-activate at least
    and ofc new thermal paste on the Heatsink when you mount it
    other than that, it'll be a breeze :)
  2. Motopsychojdn said:

    possible need to reinstall windows or re-activate at least

    Haha, yeah if he's using windows XP.

    If you choose a CPU that is compatible with your motherboard, it's a simple switch in.
    If not, you would need to change your motherboard and possibly your RAM.

    If you can provide your motherboard manufacturer and model number, we can find a list of compatible CPUs on their website.
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